About us
Off The Record is a network of independently produced and published South African podcasts. This digital platform is a home for conversations that have been kept off the record for far too long.

Young African voices, stories, experiences and interests are represented here: direct, unfiltered and unapologetic.

Off The Record invites creators and subscribers to take up this space – because we are the ones we have been waiting for.
About the founders
The network was founded by lifelong sonic friends and podcast enthusiasts Dr. Nosipho 'Noizee' Mngomezulu and Sibaphiwe Matiyela.

Noizee is a lecturer in social anthropology. She has worked at UCKAR, UCT, Stanford BING and MICA, India. Her field research is in Mauritius and South Africa focusing on youth, post-colonial nationhood and identification practices. She is the host of the podcasts The Academic Citizen and Is This Thing On?. She claims she was once famous in Makhanda.

Sibs is a seasoned broadcaster. When she's not reporting on traffic jams or reading the news on the radio, she's a voiceover artist and podcaster. She is the host of the podcasts Stay Woke With Sibs, Is This Thing On? and Sizoba'Right with Sibs and Stan. She has no claim to fame because she's too busy trying to stay alive and make sense of this weird and wonderful world we live in.